Filter JavaScript objects the easy way with Arquero

There are many advantages to coding in JavaScript, but data wrangling probably isn’t near the top of that list. However, there’s good news for those who find JavaScript data wrangling a challenge: The same “grammar-of-data” ideas behind the hugely popular dplyr R package are also available in JavaScript, thanks to the Arquero library. Arquero, from … Read more

Intro to CSS-in-JS: Generating CSS from JavaScript

The idea of ​​generating CSS in JavaScript has become more popular over the last few years, largely thanks to the dominance of reactive frameworks like React and Svelte. Such frameworks do not enforce using JavaScript to style components, but they lend themselves to it. Accordingly, a number of CSS-in-JS libraries have come forward to make … Read more

Intro to Qwik: A superfast JavaScript framework

Qwik is a daring rethink of how reactive UIs work. The core premise is that the framework is built from the ground up to deliver HTML with minimal JavaScript—just enough JavaScript to incrementally introduce interaction as needed. Qwik uses a fine-grained model for isolating the segments of the app that are hydrated on an as-needed … Read more

Data visualization with Observable JavaScript

Built-in reactivity is one of Observable JavaScript’s biggest value adds. In my two previous articles, I’ve introduced you to using Observable JavaScript with R or Python in Quarto and learning Observable JavaScript with Observable notebooks. In this article, we get to the fun part: creating interactive tables and graphics with Observable JavaScript and the Observable … Read more

A beginner’s guide to using Observable JavaScript, R, and Python with Quarto

There’s an intriguing new option for people who want to do data-wrangling and analysis in R or Python but visualization in JavaScript: Quarto. This article shows you how to set up a Quarto document to use Observable JavaScript, including how to pass data from R or Python to an Observable code chunk. In Part 2, … Read more

Learn Observable JavaScript with Observable notebooks

In the beginner’s guide to using Observable JavaScript, R, and Python with Quarto, I outlined how to use Observable within a Quarto file. However, one of my top tips for Quarto users learning Observable JavaScript is to write code on the Observable community website. Even if you only plan to use Observable JavaScript in Quarto … Read more

Where JavaScript is headed in 2022

Since 2016 the State of JavaScript survey has undertaken the monumental task of querying the JS multitudes about the multifarious frameworks, techniques, and features that they use to build applications. The latest incarnation of this Herculean occurred in the spring of 2022, and the results are now available effort. These results offer a gold mine … Read more

Error tracking with JavaScript, React, and Sentry

Tracking errors in a way that makes them manageable is one of the most painstaking tasks for developers. In the past, we had to rebuild tracking error for every application, which often led to extraneous lines of code throughout the business logic. Sentry is an error-tracking framework that does much of the heavy lifting, providing … Read more

Prototype Pattern in JavaScript – DZone Web Dev

As a sound JavaScript developer, you must write clean, easy-to-understand, and maintain code. You solve exciting and unique problems that might not require unique solutions. You may have written code that resembles the solution to a complex problem you encountered before. Although you may not acknowledge it, you were using Design patterns. Design patterns refer … Read more