Decision Rights — Communicating How Choices Get Made | by Jeffery Smith | Jun, 2022

Advice for leaders Photo by Beth Macdonald on Unsplash Companies seldom have issues generating ideas and paths forward on problems. In fact, you almost get too many ideas to be able to sit through, evaluate and ultimately implement. But a bigger problem teams have isn’t generating options, but choosing which option to go forward with. … Read more

Terraform, AWS, and Idempotency. A bug in Terraform? Or a… | by Jeffery Smith | Jun, 2022

A bug in Terraform? Or a misunderstanding of how a particular stanza works? Or maybe even our own automation around Terraform? Photo by James Harrison on Unsplash Hopefully, this is only part 1 of this series as it doesn’t really have a satisfying ending so far, but still a story worth sharing. We encountered an … Read more

Change is Scary, Even When It’s Fun | by Jeffery Smith | May, 2022

Second-order thinking can help us evaluate the consequences of our consequences Woman walking in front of a sign that reads Let’s change One thing I’ve learned since having children is just how early in life many of the faults in humanity show up. Children are reflections of ourselves but in the purest form. When children … Read more