Web Development Tips I Learned From Building the Tinder of Finding a Restaurant | by Jordan Wells | Aug, 2022

Finding food that matches you should be easy The results page for Where Should I Eat (https://whereshouldieat.app) This week, I aimed to solve the age-old question: Where should I eat? Along the way, I learned three important tips about web development that I will carry with me to everything else I decide to make. I’ll … Read more

Build in 3D for Android Using LibGDX in Kotlin | by Federico Jordan | Jul, 2022

First steps into the 3D space Photo by Amokrane Ait-Kaci on Unsplash Have you ever thought about building something in 3D for mobile? What about doing it multi-platform? Of course, we know that there are many native alternatives. For instance, you can use SceneKit if you want to build for iOS or maybe Vulkan on … Read more

Using Schemes and .xcconfig Files to Organize Build Deliveries in iOS | by Federico Jordan | Jul, 2022

How to define different configurations for our project Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash There are many times that we need to organize our mobile deliveries. This means, the build that we use to publish our app in the App Store, or the build that we use every day to build our app locally, or … Read more

How to Use Portals in React.js. Explained with a practical example | by Jordan Jaramillo

Explained with a practical example Photo by Misael Moreno on Unsplash Portals provide a first-class option to render children into a DOM node that exists outside of the parent component’s DOM hierarchy, as stated in the official React.js documentation. Portals are useful when we want to render components but our parent has a hidden overflow … Read more