Jquery .height() not updating on window resize

$(document).ready(function() { // Select and loop the containers element of the elements you want to equalise $(‘.achievements-block’).each(function() { // Cache the highest var min_highestBox = 0; // Select and loop the elements you want to equalise $(‘.grid-item.single’, this).each(function() { // If this box is higher than the cached highest then store it if ($(this).height() > … Read more

jquery – Lightbox navigation between multiple galleries

I’d like to preface by saying that I have almost no experience with Javascript in general, I am just a hobbyist who learns through trial and error, so bear with me haha. I used a jQuery script to create a lightbox with navigation through images within one gallery. This is the original script.I’ve played around … Read more

javascript – Is there a reason sometimes the jQuery just doesn’t work when the page loads?

The following code works; However, my issue is that sometimes when the page is loaded in incognito, I have to load the page twice for the total cost to display the correct value. When it fails, the cost displays 0. Desired outcome: I need the correct amount to display each time someone loads the page. … Read more

javascript – Why does jQuery or a DOM method such as getElementById not find the element?

The element you were trying to find wasn’t in the DOM when your script ran. The position of your DOM-reliant script can have a profound effect on its behavior. Browsers parse HTML documents from top to bottom. Elements are added to the DOM and scripts are (generally) executed as they’re encountered. This means that order … Read more

Better Scaffolding with jQuery – Part I

Grails scaffolding works great out of the box. Today I want to see how we can improve adding data to the many side of a one-to-many relationship using jQuery, jQueryUI’s Dialog, and some Ajax. Using the same domain objects as my previous article I want to show how we can add Reminders to an event … Read more