What Is Pydantic? – DZone Web Dev

Pydantic is a Python library for data modeling/parsing that has efficient error handling and a custom validation mechanism. As of today, Pydantic is used mostly in the FastAPI framework for parsing requests and responses because Pydantic has built-in support for JSON encoding and decoding. This article covers the following topics: Understanding BaseModel class Optional in … Read more

When to Use JSON in Your Database

In this article, you will learn when you should consider adding JSON data types to your tables and when you should avoid it. Most relational database technologies can now store JSON data and perform queries on it. The introduction of the JSON data type to relational databases represented a turning point and opened up many … Read more

Parse Json to listview in java

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Python: Read Json and create chart

I have a json file: { “code”:”200000″, “data”:[ { “price”:”1001″, “sequence”:”1636607335665″, “side”:”sell”, “size”:”0.00000544″, “time”:1657828843154264094 }, { “price”:”5538.9″, “sequence”:”1636607335668″, “side”:”buy”, “size”:”0.00000098″, “time”:1657828843399526634 }, { “price”:”1001″, “sequence”:”1636607335707″, “side”:”sell”, “size”:”0.00000098″, “time”:1657828850316727168 }, { “price”:”1001″, “sequence”:”1636607335710″, “side”:”sell”, “size”:”0.00000098″, “time”:1657828850582673268 }, { “price”:”1001″, “sequence”:”1636607335713″, “side”:”sell”, “size”:”0.00000098″, “time”:1657828850924769384 }, { “price”:”1001″, “sequence”:”1636607335716″, “side”:”sell”, “size”:”0.00000098″, “time”:1657828850993197165 }, { “price”:”1001″, “sequence”:”1636607335719″, “side”:”sell”, “size”:”0.00000098″, … Read more

swift – “The given data was not valid JSON.”, underlyingError: Optional(Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 JsonDecoder can’t decode

class NewsService { func fetchNews() throws -> [News] { let data = Data(JsonData.data1.utf8) do { return try JSONDecoder().decode(NewsResponse.self, from: data).data } catch { print(error) throw error } } } struct JsonData { static let data0 = “”” { “data”: [ { “news_url”: “https://seekingalpha.com/article/4523221-what-is-holding-back-china-stimulus”, “image_url”: “https://cdn.snapi.dev/images/v1/a/t/image-1316474363-1451807.jpg”, “title”: “What Is Holding Back China Stimulus?”, “text”: “One of … Read more

Debugging Gson, Moshi, and Jackson JSON Frameworks in Production

Parsing bugs are the gift that keeps giving in the age of APIs. We use a service; It works perfectly in debugging, QA, and so on. Then some user input that made its way to the web request, returns a result we just can’t parse. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do at this stage. … Read more

javascript – How can I access and process nested objects, arrays, or JSON?

Preliminaries JavaScript has only one data type which can contain multiple values: Object. An Array is a special form of object. (Plain) Objects have the form {key: value, key: value, …} Arrays have the form [value, value, …] Both arrays and objects expose a key -> value structure. Keys in an array must be numeric, … Read more

javascript – How to render Json data into an input on React Native

Hello World! I want to render data into my contact form screen (I want the screen to be 100% configurable using call api) Fisrt I want to render the title[Contact Us] and the subtitle[Enter your details to contact us] from the configuration Array –>Done Second I want to render the objects on the Form Array … Read more