First Impressions When Switching From Spring Boot to Ktor | by Matthias Schenk | Jul, 2022

A Step-by-step guide to write an API endpoint using Ktor, Koin and Exposed When I switched from Java to Kotlin I continued using my familiar tech stack consisting of several parts out of the SpringBoot ecosystem. With some small differences, which are mostly handled by the Kotlin Spring plugin, I could use it the same … Read more

Improve Your Code Formatting Using Dart’s Trailing Commas | by Christian Findlay | Jul, 2022

A look at Dart’s excellent formatting feature Trailing commas may sound like a minor aspect of the Dart language, but they have a major impact on the formatting of your code. This article explains deterministic formatting, how trailing commas affect it, why you should use them, and how to add the dart_code_metrics package to enforce … Read more

Building Responsive Rails Apps With Hotwire | by Aleksandr Ulanov | Jul, 2022

In this article we’ll go through the basics of Hotwire, as well as build a sample app using Hotwire and Ruby on Rails If you’re developing modern single-page applications with Ruby on Rails, you’re most likely using some fancy JS framework for your UI to be updated nicely, without page reloads. And there is really … Read more

How to Use Redis for Geospatial Data | by Aleksandr Ulanov | Jul, 2022

Learn how to use Redis and it’s geospatial indexes and commands for complex geo calculations Working with geospatial data is notoriously difficult because latitude and longitude are floating point numbers and should be very precise. In addition, it would seem that latitude and longitude can be represented as a grid, but in fact they can’t, … Read more

How to Create a GraphQL Gateway With REST APIs | by Martinez Pupo Ivan | Jul, 2022

Exploring different options and challenges Photo by Clayton on Unsplash How many times when working with REST-based distributed architectures, we end up with projects having API complexity problems, because, as the project grows: more and more services directly depend on / care coupled with each other data aggregation between the services (for eg frontend consumption) … Read more

How to Use Kotlin Symbol Processors on Android | by Hesam Darvishiyan | Jul, 2022

We will dive into generating the boilerplate codes automatically by KSP and discuss challenges and solutions Photo by Shane on Unsplash Let me begin by reiterating a question: What is an annotation? Java annotations are used to provide metadata for your Java code. Java annotations do not directly affect the execution of your code, although … Read more

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How to use the SwiftUI’s Path view to draw lines, curves, and more complex figures Part 4/5 This is the fourth article in my current Bezier Path series. This article focuses on teaching you how to use the path view, specifically, the curves. Here, I’ll teach how to use the Path view while drawing shapes, … Read more

OpenAI Codex — My Trials and Tribulations | by Go Woojin | Jul, 2022

I tested the AI ​​tool with five classic coding problems OpenAI Codex Last year, OpenAI announced Codex, a model for efficient programming with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI). One of the videos uploaded to the OpenAI YouTube channel showed a live demo that was hard to believe even when seen with one’s own eyes. … Read more

Automatically Generate Site-Wide Meta Descriptions with Python + BART for PyTorch | by Rares Finatan | Jul, 2022

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