Revoking Access to JWTs With a Blacklist/Deny List

Depending on who you listen to, JWTs are either a panacea for all your authentication problems or should be avoided like the plague. What Is a JWT? A JWT, or JSON Web Token, is a string/token issued by the server that asserts properties contained in its “payload”. Its most common use case is for authentication … Read more

OAuth vs JWT: An In-Depth Comparison

Authentication is one of the core functions of applications on the internet today, one that many developers are familiar with. Yet, actually implementing authentication correctly requires understanding several standards and protocols. Two of the most important of these authentication standards are OAuth and JWT (JSON Web Tokens). Looking to make sense of OAuth and JWT? … Read more

jwt – JwtBearer middleware with ES256 always 401 Bearer error=”invalid_token”, error_description=”The signature key was not found”

token is created using public class AppTokenHandler : TokenValidator, IAppTokenHandler { private readonly JwtSecurityTokenHandler _handler = new JwtSecurityTokenHandler(); private readonly AppTokenConfiguration _appTokenConfiguration; private readonly RsaSecurityKey _publicKey; private readonly ECDsa _key; public AppTokenHandler(IOptions<AppTokenConfiguration> appTokenConfiguration, RsaSecurityKey publicKey, ECDsa key) { _appTokenConfiguration = appTokenConfiguration.Value; _publicKey = publicKey; _key = key; } public string Create(Dictionary<string, object> claims) { var … Read more

Delegating JWT Validation for Greater Flexibility

In my opinion, the purpose of all software applications that have been created so far, are being and will be developed primarily to make humans’ day-to-day activities easier to fulfill. Humans are the most valuable creations, and software applications are great tools that at least could be used by them. Nowadays, almost every software product … Read more

jwt – Spring Security Authentication Manager Response is not what is expected

I am learning to set up stateless security with spring and jwt. The code works fine when I submit a valid user. But when I submit invalid credentials the response in browser is not what I expected. I have the follwing pom.xml. ?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <project xmlns=”″ xmlns:xsi=”” xsi:schemaLocation=””> <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion> <parent> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-parent</artifactId> <version>2.6.6</version> … Read more

encryption – PHP Decrypt JWT using JWKs

I am spending days to decrypt JWT claims from response acquired token from authorization server, I found Jose and Firebase to decrypt this token, however I cannot reach the result. here is response of the server: {“access_token”:”HPWKl8BBSbTy0Q4FZI9hnKHNwjMmgP+c9HU4UMpMhKY=”,”token_type”:”Bearer”,”id_token”:”eyJlcGsiOnsia3R5IjoiRUMiLCJjcnYiOiJQLTI1NiIsIngiOiJCY2l2NFBucW96OEo1V3NnbU1fX2tLTkpPVnJQWkJZVDVOeGxRXzA1VlFRIiwieSI6IktfeDZwM09NbjVUTFVIWGtQWFRPNE1PMjdUenVDRjFQYzJtdS1Lb3RKbDAifSwia2lkIjoib2N0b3B1czhfZW5jX2tleV8wMSIsImN0eSI6IkpXVCIsImVuYyI6IkEyNTZDQkMtSFM1MTIiLCJhbGciOiJFQ0RILUVTK0ExMjhLVyJ9.VTTCQu9eWAGXBNQg4rjHJV7tQocHs0xXP1fstWFn4wf3qnPCct81u2dPMcZO2kQl81FPmcIGeQEK6DJxMIam6-bPAHBn3ISx.J4j2rz0RlXPctWa8V0BaDA.B7PRbtws5ys-iHmTaa-cYABMMQ2es65_poX9EEsz59pIbbN70wIkbmajXQ45oBXE2L0j35R-5vrP3rhL1dJZAmNMWcZG4kZXCKt-Ui6MvzHI-ekUzfDHp-t8VhvHQFk7VZ_EtVpYn_3X810wvdc2nnZFhAF81Wb5urw2UvX9ZeFKHQnWzpKq9dobMlYjThIYDEm4tpeFycCg_g8gMBbhpZK1asyfdhAzjxcy__tF3_9lfVnFImE8GEk4uz4svQmz9lD0_b2RskG0yUvXf84xbUNmMj5aSYiwdgs8-fi-ICBIK80fPk-xrHfxQX0FqxElRRPJExMOC6wQXHW3twwZGzoiNnLMmzd21tkHLIPcaZrbAQM2eRiwpJ2COEXBjQNpcWVf4Xriy_4zddiYTvpoEgRw2cWGnqfSOHRZznZbHvqvyybfyJ5bc-x9EvUlv4Zvc8XVlOM0qK288HvEwxpKqDOEnQzYeIf2wawkib7D0W-FM3Rn_8uGmdtqbxqdPfLlEb2Kx4VGoKChmrbC3gg0P5bi20WKoE7A2IysZ_zkwOpqEk1s8KkX4AFaOp2o7r_aRrssv-B76fM80BaMxPy9SNWgEy72FfGZOlta0MSzKJ0.aMFnB9jKX_PtcIXatQr2oc1odfCw7CCWAH3TTWIxRjc”} In the following you can find it’s encryption and signing keys. SIGNING KEYS Public and Private Keypair { … Read more

Scalable JWT Token Revokation in Spring Boot

With stateless JWT Tokens for security, short TTLs (1 min) can be used. These tokens are then refreshed during their time to live. If the server does not get to know when a user has logged out, a token of a logged-out user could continue to be refreshed. One solution for this problem will be … Read more