Key Takeaways: Adrian Cockcroft’s talk on Netflix, CD, and Microservices

One of the big draws of the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference was Adrian Cockcroft’s talk, “Deliver Faster and Spend Less with Cloud Native Microservices.” Cockcroft is an experienced speaker on the conference circuit and he’s well-known as the architect who led Netflix into its new era of scale and agility. He now works for Battery … Read more

certificate – Use RSA public key to generate private key in Openssl?

Updated answer The original answer below started from the assumption that the modulus (n) is the factor of two primes p and q. When I tried to factorize nafter finding one factor pI readily assumed that the remaining q was also prime. This is not the case. Verification of the modulus on shows that … Read more

NextJS Vs React: Key Differences and Advantages

Choosing the right programming language for a website or an application development has always been a hassle. When it comes to selecting between two awesome programming languages ​​such as NextJS and React, it’s debatable. Both tools are best suited for creating web applications. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to build a landing page, an … Read more

7 key new features in SingleStoreDB

SingleStoreDB is a distributed, highly scalable SQL database that allows software engineers and their companies to build fast, interactive, modern SaaS applications and scale more effectively, all while lowering costs and complexity. It delivers high performance for both transactional and analytical workloads. The newest features in SingleStoreDB supercharge data-intensive applications and enable developers and application … Read more

Key Design Elements for IoT Sensors

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are now common in numerous industries. However, when decision-makers invest in those technologies, they want the assurance of well-designed products that meet their expectations. The people designing IoT sensors are primarily responsible for creating functional, safe, cost-effective products. Here are some vital things to remember as a sensor designer or … Read more

jwt – JwtBearer middleware with ES256 always 401 Bearer error=”invalid_token”, error_description=”The signature key was not found”

token is created using public class AppTokenHandler : TokenValidator, IAppTokenHandler { private readonly JwtSecurityTokenHandler _handler = new JwtSecurityTokenHandler(); private readonly AppTokenConfiguration _appTokenConfiguration; private readonly RsaSecurityKey _publicKey; private readonly ECDsa _key; public AppTokenHandler(IOptions<AppTokenConfiguration> appTokenConfiguration, RsaSecurityKey publicKey, ECDsa key) { _appTokenConfiguration = appTokenConfiguration.Value; _publicKey = publicKey; _key = key; } public string Create(Dictionary<string, object> claims) { var … Read more

.net 5 – The entity type ‘IdentityUserLogin’ requires a primary key to be defined. If you intended to use a keyless entity type, call ‘HasNoKey’ in

I’m attempting to seed data for my API. I do have JWT authentication setup as well. I have to remove my original migration of the seeded data in order for the program to work. I found it would be helpful to already have data in the API when users interact with it. I”m just unsure … Read more

java – how to create JTables with POJOs with a composite key with a single table model

I’m trying to implement the use of reflection and annotations, just like the solution suggested by ardayigit on how to create a JTable with POJOs with a single table model, but the problem comes with the first field of Person, which is a two-field composite key of type PersonId. Here is the extract for creating … Read more