spring security – Why the response “The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it” in Springboot + keycloak 18

Im trying to secure a springboot aplication with Keycloak 18.0.0 and Im always getting HTTP 403 “The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it“when I send a post request even not secured with @RolesAllowed(“admin”) routes. It happened to someone already, Ive seen every post in internet but I guess Im still missing something … Read more

java – How to make two keycloak modules (factory providers) communicates between them?

I try to develop two modules of Keycloak (two authenticators in Keycloak terminology) and I want to make them communicate between them. Before describing the error I have, let me introduce the way I build my modules. Basically, a Keycloak module is developed by implementing two interfaces called AuthenticatorFactory and Authenticator defined by Keycloak. For … Read more

spring boot – `servletRequest cannot be null` -> SpringBoot – WebClient – GET request with Keycloak

I’m trying to make GET request between two microservices (with Keycloak authentication). Let’s say microservice A is asking microservice B for some resources. Microservice B has a GET endpoint and it’s seems to work because I can see correct response when doing request from postman or intelliJ http_client. In microservice A I’m trying to do … Read more