Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen Vs Kindle Paperwhite 10th Gen: Should you upgrade?

The Kindle Paperwhite is arguably the best e-reader in the Kindle lineup, striking the perfect balance between price and performance. Last year, Amazon introduced the Paperwhite 11th Gen, which brings a host of much-needed upgrades, including an updated design, a bigger and brighter display, Warm Light, and USB-C charging. If you’re using a previous generation … Read more

How to send ebooks, documents, and webpages to your Amazon Kindle

The Kindle ebook readers are the best devices for reading. Their glare-free E Ink displays are easier on the eyes and read like paper, and since they’re disconnected from the world of social media, they provide a distraction-free, focused reading experience. If you’re a serious reader, a Kindle is a no-brainer and a bunch of … Read more