Why Is SQL Knowledge Vital for Data Scientists? A Sneak Peek

Businesses succeed when making informed judgments based on current technology and market trends, rivals, and partners. Extracting data from databases using the Structured Query Language (SQL, pronounced “sequel”) is one of the most common methods firms get business intelligence to assist them in making those decisions. According to Oracle Patches, SQL dates back to the … Read more

4 Domains of Knowledge You Should Know About Strings in Python | by Yong Cui | May, 2022

A high-level review of your knowledge about Python strings Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash Texts are the most fundamental form of information exchange. No matter what applications you’re building, you’ll inevitably deal with textual information in some ways. Thus, it’s critical for you to have a good understanding of the essential techniques in using … Read more

Agile Coaches Without Technical Knowledge: How to Overcome the Paradox

Agile coaches play a vital role in helping companies implement Agile into their ways of working. Coaches may be internal employees of a company, or contractors providing these services on an on-demand basis. In both cases, their goal is to help clients diagnose organizational and interpersonal challenges, and make suggestions on how to use Agile … Read more

I Cracked Chinese Wordle Using a Knowledge Graph

Wordle is going viral these days on social media. The game made by Josh Wardle Allows players to try six times to guess a five-letter word, with feedback given for each guess in the form of colored tiles indicating when letters match or occupy the correct position. We have seen many Wordle variants for languages … Read more