android – ViewBind Imports in Build.gradle Not Working [Kotlin] Compile_Incremental_With_Artifact_Transform , Unresolved reference: synthetic

I had a perfectly running android app before I updated the sdk or gradle. I was using id ‘kotlin-android’ id ‘kotlin-android-extensions’ In my plugins section in build.gradle(:app) and it was working fine up until yesterday. I got an error message that told me it was deprecated, so I updated to the appropriate imports to no … Read more

kotlin – Непонятная ошибка при запуске Android приложения

Я использую обычные фрагменты для навигации. Приложение было протестировано на своем устройстве (Honor 30i), на Самсунге A02 и эмуляторе Pixel 4, но после установки у пользователей возникает следующий краш в Crashlytics : Fatal Exception: android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException Unable to find resource ID #0xffffffff android.content.res.ResourcesImpl.getResourceTypeName ( android.content.res.Resources.getResourceTypeName ( ($AnimationInfo.getAnimation ( ( ( ( … Read more

Getting Started With RSocket Kotlin

RSocket is a transport protocol designed for reactive applications. More information on RSocket can be found on their website, leaving me to focus on writing about how RSocket and Kotlin can be combined. RSocket has several libraries written in various languages ​​that implement the RSocket protocol. For Kotlin, this comes as an extension for Ktor … Read more

java – parsing json Object but data added two times in arralist in android studio kotlin

I am parsing Json data in an Arraylist but data added two times i removed temp.addAll(value) line but Nothing happened.please help me and answers should be in Kotlin if Possible. here is the code Pojo classes: class Restaurant_info ( val id :String?=null, val name :String?=null, val rating : String?=null, val cost_for_one: String?=null, val image_url: String?=null … Read more

Kotlin Spring Boot Web-Service Integration

The purpose of the article: analysis of the structure of a web service on Kotlin, consideration of ways to integrate with a database using the example of a CRUD service. Currently, services in the form of a web application are especially common. And it’s hard to imagine some kind of web application that does not … Read more

Broadcast Receiver doesn’t work on Activity Recognition Android Kotlin

I’m trying to get activity transition from users on Pixel 2 API 30, Kotlin. The logs from onReceive doesn’t appear, so I guess the fun doesn’t call. It worked only once without changing anything. Class ActivityTransitionReceiver.kt package com.example.licenta_1 import android.content.BroadcastReceiver import android.content.Context import android.content.Intent import android.util.Log import android.widget.Toast import com.example.licenta_1.placeholder.Constants import import java.text.SimpleDateFormat import … Read more

How to get values ​​of all the checkboxes checked using android kotlin? I am getting null pointer Exception

for logic of the question you can refer to this question:- question Logic After lots of efforts I have came to this point. Please help me solve this problem. Here is activity code:- class CheckboxesActivity : AppCompatActivity() { lateinit var recyclerView: RecyclerView lateinit var adapter: CheckboxAdapter override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) setContentView(R.layout.activity_trail) recyclerView =findViewById( … Read more