The Evolution of Configuration Management: IaC vs. GitOps

Misconfigurations are the leading cause behind security incidents in Kubernetes-orchestrated or otherwise containerized environments. Without proper configuration in place, applications would run into problems ranging from noncompliance and inconsistencies to performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and functionality failure. Therefore, configuration management is a critical component in a software development lifecycle for maintaining systems in a desired, … Read more

Deployment of Low-Latency Solutions in the Cloud

Traditionally, companies with low-latency requirements squeeze to bare-metal servers, eschewing the convenience and programmability of virtualization and containerization in an effort to maximum performance and minimal latency from “on-premises” (often co-located) hardware. More recently, these companies are moving to public and private “cloud” environments, either for satellite services around their tuned low-latency/volume (LL/HV) systems or … Read more

Creating Microservices in Nest.js – DZone Microservices

Microservices can seem intimidating at first, but they’re just regular applications at the end of the day. They can execute tasks, listen for requests, connect to databases, and everything else a standard API or process would do. We only call them microservices colloquially because of how we use them, not because they are inherently small. … Read more

Request Routing Through Service Mesh for WebSphere Liberty Profile Container on Kubernetes

Introduction I will demonstrate how to request routing from service mesh to WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP) application server Docker container image on Kubernetes. Further providing details about Istio Ingress gateway, Gateway, and Virtual service created on istio that routing traffic to Docker image with WLP installed. In the end, we will be seeing from Istio … Read more

How To Deploy Apache Kafka With Kubernetes

Kafka is the de facto event store and distributed message broker solution for large microservice architecture systems. Kubernetes is the industry standard for orchestrating containerized services. For many organizations, deploying Kafka on Kubernetes is a low-effort approach that fits within their architecture strategy. In this post, we’ll look at the appeal of hosting Kafka on … Read more

Pre-Commit Hooks DevOps Engineer Should Know To Control Kubernetes

Generally speaking, all companies are looking to increase their productivity at all levels: human, infrastructure, processes, and so on. Often, productivity is driven by the addition of automated processes to facilitate and increase the pace of production. This automation requires an evolution, an adaptation, or even a complete transformation of the concepts historically used. This … Read more

6 Important Things You Need to Run Kubernetes in Production | by Hijmen Fokker | Mar, 2022

Get your cluster to the next level Photo by Thomas Millot on Unsplash Kubernetes adoption is at an all-time high. Almost every major IT organization invests in a container strategy and Kubernetes is by far the most used and most popular container orchestration technology. While there are many flavors of Kubernetes, managed solutions like AKS, … Read more

Diagrams as Code: The Complete How-to-Use Guide

We’re seeing more and more tools that enable you to create software architecture and other Diagrams as Code. The main benefit of using this concept is that majority of the Diagrams as Code tools can be scripted and integrated into a built pipeline for generating automatic documentation. The other benefit responsible for the growing use … Read more

Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Management and Access

As cloud and Kubernetes have become a standard, security remains one of the top inhibitors to modern application development. To reduce security risks, organizations can’t manage access control on a cluster-by-cluster basis. And not finding a scalable approach leads to misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and failed compliance audits. Let us travel back in time and picture a … Read more

Kubernetes-Based Private Container Registry – DZone Cloud

This article demonstrates how to install a managed Kubernetes cluster in Alibaba Cloud with ARC CLI and deploy a private container registry using Harbor and Helm. Harbor is an open-source registry that stores artifacts with role-based access control and policies and ensures images are scanned and free from vulnerabilities. AlibabaCloud Resourcification CLI (ARC) is a … Read more