Create a Millisecond-Precision Time Ticks Chart with NodeJS

Hello! Omar from LightningChart here. As my first article for DZone, I wanted to experiment with how to create different charts available from the lcjs library. This time, I’ll walk you through how to create a time ticks chart using NodeJS and the lcjs library. JS Time Ticks Chart There are several options for placing … Read more

python – Tensorflow: An error of incompatible between output of Dense layer and the shape of the label: logits and labels must have the same first dimension

I have a question about the output shape of Dense layer. In my case, the ground truth of labels is a 155 long list. The data part is converted from image. The dataset was assembled: dataset =, labels)) dataset = dataset.batch(1) In order to know the shape of dataset, a iteration is conducted: import … Read more

r – How to center ggplot label on multiple geom_pointranges (three or more)?

I created a point range chart in ggplot2 but the labels are not directly centered over the points (see the figure and the code below). How do I center each label over its respective point in this plot? I have asked this question before but the solution only works for two point ranges, not three. … Read more

python – Kivy label text won’t update

I’m not new to python but I am new-ish to Kivy. I don’t know what parts of my code you need to answer this but here is all my code: from import App from import SoundLoader from import StringProperty, NumericProperty from kivy.metrics import dp from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout from kivy.uix.button import … Read more

c++ – It seems jump to case label in switch statement from case 6 to 9 and I don’t know why

#include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; #define SIZE 1000 struct Reservation { string time; string day; string month; string year; string hairstylists; }; struct BeautySalon { string phone; string name; string address; string favhair; Reservation reservation; string nationality; string specality; }; custList[SIZE], hairList[SIZE] ,rev[SIZE]; void readinC(int ctr) { cout<<“Enter the name of the Customer: “; cin>>custList[ctr].name; … Read more

python – PyQt5 Layout error (wrong Horizontal policy in QLabel: label)

File: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- # Form implementation generated from reading ui file ‘/home/chris/Documents/papinhio-player/ui/menu-1/playlists/import/import-playlist.ui’ # # Created by: PyQt5 UI code generator 5.15.4 # # WARNING: Any manual changes made to this file will be lost when pyuic5 is # run again. Do not edit this file unless you know what you are … Read more

Image Classification: SingleStore DB, Keras, More

Abstract Image classification can have many practical, valuable and life-saving benefits. The “Hello World” of image classification is often considered MNIST and, more recently, Fashion MNIST. This article will use Fashion MNIST and store the images in a SingleStore DB database. We’ll also build an image classification model using Keras and Tensorflow and store the … Read more

Pine script Array unable to delete previous label and text is displaying on top of each other, script plots text on break of bollinger

//@version=5enter code here`indicator(“Clean”, overlay=true) enter code hereshowlast = input(defval=false, title=”Show only Last Label”) enter code hereshowsignals = input.string(defval=”Full”, title=”Show Signal Names”, enter code hereoptions=[‘Full’, ‘Length’]) enter code herelen3=, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 1″) enter code herelen4=, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 2″) enter code herelen5=, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 3″) enter code herelen6=, minval=1, title=”Ma … Read more