Text content did not match in React 18 : learnprogramming

Hello, recently the project I am working on has been upgraded to React 18. By then, suddenly a lot of issues with hydration have started to appear as warnings/errors in the console. The one I’m struggling with is “Warning: Text content did not match”: https://i.stack.imgur.com/NPqqc.png Code of this component: <div className=”O75-product-faq__questions is-active accordion–initialized”> { dataForSelect.length … Read more

c++/windows.h calculator app. How do I input text from buttons to textbox ?? : learnprogramming

I am new to programing with windows.h and I can’t seem to find good info that I need for my project. I have couple questions: How do I send button text to the text box? I have created buttons (from 0 to 9 …) the buttons don’t have any code in them. For example when … Read more

Pytest is failing on GitHub Actions but succeeds locally : learnprogramming

Problem and background I’ve created a CLI-based application in Python that uses SQLite to store user data. It is installed for one user at a time, and there is no communication with the outside world (except for app updates) and all data is stored locally on the user’s computer. This is tested using Pytest. On … Read more

[python] Best way to remove random length strings from a file with similar starting text. : learnprogramming

Okay, So i have an exported bookmarks.html file from chrome. I want to clean it up a little by removing these stupidly long strings of useless ICON text. I’m not sure if I should use regex or if there is a better solution. The problem is the ICON encoded strings are random lengths. Is there … Read more