javascript – d3.v3.min.js:1 Error: attribute height: Expected length, “NaN” while loading a d3 chart in a modal popup

var app = angular.module(‘chartApp’, []); app.controller(‘TimeReportCtrl’, [‘$scope’, function($scope){ $scope.reportData={“other_time”:0,”ais_time”:0,”agendas_time”:0,”preps_time”:1,”meeting_time”:7}; console.log($scope.reportData.other_time); if(($scope.reportData.other_time== 0) && ($scope.reportData.ais_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.agendas_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.preps_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.meeting_time==0)) { $scope.noData = false; } else { $scope.noData = true; } $scope.timeReportData=[]; for(var i in $scope.reportData){ $scope.timeReportData.push({labelData:i,count:$scope.reportData[i]}); } $scope.timeReport=[]; for(var i=0;i<$scope.timeReportData.length;i++) { $$scope.timeReportData[i]).labelData); … Read more

python – How to setup LSTM to use n-grams instead of sequence length?

To provide sequences of words instead of characters to an LSTM and have the LSTM predict words, the text will have to be tokenized differently. Instead of splitting the document into sequences of n characters, the document will have to be split into m words, and instead of having a vocabulary of distinct characters (the … Read more

[python] Best way to remove random length strings from a file with similar starting text. : learnprogramming

Okay, So i have an exported bookmarks.html file from chrome. I want to clean it up a little by removing these stupidly long strings of useless ICON text. I’m not sure if I should use regex or if there is a better solution. The problem is the ICON encoded strings are random lengths. Is there … Read more

Sending Posix message via pipe

Sending Posix message via pipe I have the following file called helper.h, which I want to call in server and client files later. Code: #ifndef HELPER_H #include <iostream> … Read more