#include causes error when compiled with C library (Raylib) in C++ project

I’m trying to use Raylib in my C++ project which previously worked fine on windows. Now on Linux I get loads of errors when trying to compile if any of the following is included: #include<iostream> #include<cstdio> #include<fstream> #include<sstream> The errors are made of several entries of the following: (The list is actually too long to … Read more

What is TensorFlow? The machine learning library explained

Machine learning is a complex discipline but implementing machine learning models is far less daunting than it is used to be, thanks to machine learning frameworks—such as Google’s TensorFlow—that ease the process of accquiring data, training models, serving predictions, and refining future results . Created by the Google Brain team and initially released to the … Read more

User-defined types with {fmt} library and Visual Studio 2022 (17.2.2)

I am using https://github.com/fmtlib/fmt (commit hash 7e4ad40171aa552d38cb99a5c181a0d7b150facc – at the time of this writing pretty new) with the newest Visual Studio 2022 version (17.2.2) and following this tutorial here I want to get this working: struct complex { double a; double b; }; template<> struct fmt::formatter<complex> { template<typename ParseContext> constexpr auto parse(ParseContext& ctx) { return … Read more

Unable to link C shared library in go project

All I have create a custom package of a C shared library, here https://github.com/err-him/go-dcc In this repo I am creating the shared library using Makefile https://github.com/err- him/go-dcc/blob/main/Makefile When I use this library in this package itself, I am getting successful result but when some other package in GO uses it, it will throw linter error … Read more

How can I import OpenCV library to React-Native project

I have been struggling with OpenCV in react-native for a week now and finally got it working. There is this very good article https://brainhub.eu/blog/opencv-react-native-image-processing/ together with this repo https://github.com/brainhubeu/react-native-opencv-tutorial which describes in details on how to do get it running. However I could not make the code from this repo working by following the steps … Read more

Working With Three.js: The Popular 3D JavaScript Library | by Jennifer Fu | May, 2022

Exploring three.js in the Create React App working environment Image by author Three.js is a 3D JavaScript library that renders 3D content on a webpage. It is an open source project which aims to create an easy-to-use, lightweight, cross-browser, general purpose 3D library. The current builds include a WebGL (Web Graphics Library) renderer and a … Read more

Create the Classic Snake Game With Processing Library and Java | by Nicolai B. Andersen | May, 2022

Recreate the game with Java A GIF displaying the Snake game from the article. Do you know the basics of Java or Processing and want to start developing your own games or maybe just recreate one of the classics? This article describes the process of building the classic Snake game using Processing. Wikipedia (2022) describes … Read more