Fast charging has gotten fast enough. Give us better battery life instead!

Xiaomi has pushed out several mobile hardware boundaries in 2022, including launching the first phone with an uncropped 1-inch sensor, the thinnest foldable phone by some distance, and very recently, 210W fast charging in a smartphone, which can apparently top up a 4,300 m. mAh battery in just nine minutes. While I think the first … Read more

Zero-knowledge proof finds new life in the blockchain

A zero-knowledge proof, also known as ZKP protocol, attempts to establish a fact between parties with a minimum amount of information exchange. In cryptography, it is intended to limit the transfer of information during authentication activities. ZKP’s originators explicitly studied the movement of information, or knowledge, in computer proofs. The zero-knowledge proof was a significant … Read more

Making Life Easy Around Data: Java, Jakarta EE

There is no doubt about the importance of data around the application. We often talk about a stateless application, and it is the data where we delegate the state of the application. If the architecture is the mind, the information is the heart. This article will cover more about the next steps of Jakarta EE … Read more

Solid entry-level earbuds with exceptional battery life

OnePlus’s Nord smartphones are good-looking, nail the essentials, and are always pocket-friendly. Now OnePlus wants to expand this formula to other products as it seeks to expand the Nord line beyond smartphones. The long-term goal likely involves creating a Nord product ecosystem consisting of earbuds, smartwatches, etc. The OnePlus Nord Buds is the first product … Read more