java – Communications link failure , docker-compose

i have a problem with docker compose when i try to run docker-compose every time i get the following error i tried many solutions but nothing helps. Please help. I will add that I created the docker image using Cloud Native Buildpacks. I used the command: mvn spring-boot: build-image = jakuczczubak/infrastock and then uploaded … Read more

javascript – How to access JSON API from a link in another API (Json Data have link to another Json)

Im not sure if you got your problem resolved so I created a demo to point you in the right direction. To simulate your api and use your data table, I used a cat fact api with cat breeds as business names, string lengths as prices, and random strings as business ids. To simulate an … Read more

Error while link ITK and VTK libraries to QT

I want to develop image processing and visualization software. So i tried to integrate vtk and itk to qt and used msvc2015 compiler. Unfortunately there is an error occurred while link libraries of itk to Qt.The complete error given below. itksys-5.2.lib(SystemTools.obj): -1: error: LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp_RegCloseKey referenced in function “public: static bool __cdecl … Read more

Unable to link C shared library in go project

All I have create a custom package of a C shared library, here In this repo I am creating the shared library using Makefile him/go-dcc/blob/main/Makefile When I use this library in this package itself, I am getting successful result but when some other package in GO uses it, it will throw linter error … Read more