android – How to create an If statement to add values ​​to List in Flutter

So I’m trying to send a value that will be added to displaycontact_list, however I would like to Create an if statement beforehand to check whether the value is a number or a string, if it is a number it will add the list based on Contact.phones.first.number and if it is a String it will … Read more

python – How do I split a list equally-sized chunks?

How do you split a list into evenly sized chunks? “Evenly sized chunks”, to me, implies that they are all the same length, or barring that option, at minimal variance in length. Eg 5 baskets for 21 items could have the following results: >>> import statistics >>> statistics.variance([5,5,5,5,1]) 3.2 >>> statistics.variance([5,4,4,4,4]) 0.19999999999999998 A practical reason … Read more

html – JavaScript ToDo List Help- Priority and Date

//Selectors var todoInput = document.querySelector(“.todo-input”); var dateInput = document.querySelector(“.todo-date”); var todoButton = document.querySelector(“.todo-button”); var todoList = document.querySelector(“.todo-list”); var filterOption = document.querySelector(“.filter-todo”); //Event Listener todoButton.addEventListener(“click”, addTodo); todoList.addEventListener(“click”, deleteCheck); filterOption.addEventListener(“click”, filterTodo); //Functions // Add ToDo Function function addTodo(e) { // Prevent form from submitting e.preventDefault(); // Todo Div var todoDiv = document.createElement(“div”); todoDiv.classList.add(“todo”); // Create Li var … Read more

python – GUI system design for editing properties of items in a list using PyQt5

Looking for insight on implementing a GUI that allows users to edit the properties for any # of items in a list. The properties between each item are the same and the user also specifies the # of items. I’ve tried using the QStackedWidget to represent the layout of properties for a list item as … Read more

android – Bottom Sheet Fragment cannot show the language list

I like to show a language list when I press the button. I use dependency injection on the bottom sheet fragment. But it cannot show the language list. Is there something I miss? Thanks. I try to use the following sample to learn the concept of hilt and digger. KC ** AppModule ** @Module … Read more

list – Process multiple reviews in spacY pipeline

I already posted a question a couple of days ago, however, I have not had a response. Therefore, I ask the same question one more time. Please see the following code required to process the spacY pipeline: import re from typing import List from spacy import Language, util from spacy.tokens import Doc, Span from transformers … Read more

reactjs – I want to scroll my product through next button in flat list

import React, { useRef, Component } from “react”; import { Pressable, Modal, Switch, SafeAreaView, ScrollView, Dimensions, FlatList, View, Text, Alert, TextInput, Image, TouchableOpacity, styleSheet, } from “react-native”; import styles from “../../../assets/styles/style”; import { QHCheckBox, QHtopRightButton, SearchableTopRightButton, QHBackButton, renderComponentWithScroll, renderComponent, QHText, QHLoader, QHButton1, QHLinkButton1, QHInputView1, QHInputView11, showMessageInfo, } from/. import { languageProps } from “../../../language”; import … Read more