Building collaborative apps with Teams Live Share

Teams has always been on track to be an important part of Microsoft’s productivity platform, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it to the top of Redmond’s agenda. Its importance became clear as Microsoft and much of its customer base first shifted away from the office to suddenly work from home, and now is planned is … Read more

Live Text API in iOS 16 — Scanning Data With the Camera in SwiftUI | by joker hook | Jun, 2022

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash WWDC22 brings brilliant Live Text data scanning tools which let users scan text and codes with the camera, similar to the Live Text interface in the Camera app for iOS and iPadOS developers. In this article, I will focus on the new API called DataScannerViewController and share my experience … Read more

python – live output from subprocess command

Executive Summary (or “tl;dr” version): it’s easy when there’s at most one subprocess.PIPEotherwise it’s hard. It may be time to explain a bit about how subprocess.Popen does its thing. (Caveat: this is for Python 2.x, although 3.x is similar; and I’m quite fuzzy on the Windows variant. I understand the POSIX stuff much better.) The … Read more

Lerna is Officially Dead. Long Live Monorepos | by Jose Granja | May, 2022

4 tools to manage your JavaScript monorepo Caption by Author The monorepo approach is a great way to manage all the dependencies. It has been a hot topic for some years. It is a great way to keep distinct projects with well-defined relationships. One immediate benefit is that it empowers us to share configurations like … Read more