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Sharing my experience on the order of precedence for properties files in Spring Boot applications when using Spring Cloud Config and Spring Profiles Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash Do you externalize and centralize your configurations using Spring Cloud Config Server? Do you use Spring Profiles to manage your configurations for different deployment environments? Do … Read more

javascript – d3.v3.min.js:1 Error: attribute height: Expected length, “NaN” while loading a d3 chart in a modal popup

var app = angular.module(‘chartApp’, []); app.controller(‘TimeReportCtrl’, [‘$scope’, function($scope){ $scope.reportData={“other_time”:0,”ais_time”:0,”agendas_time”:0,”preps_time”:1,”meeting_time”:7}; console.log($scope.reportData.other_time); if(($scope.reportData.other_time== 0) && ($scope.reportData.ais_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.agendas_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.preps_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.meeting_time==0)) { $scope.noData = false; } else { $scope.noData = true; } $scope.timeReportData=[]; for(var i in $scope.reportData){ $scope.timeReportData.push({labelData:i,count:$scope.reportData[i]}); } $scope.timeReport=[]; for(var i=0;i<$scope.timeReportData.length;i++) { $scope.data=(($scope.timeReportData[i]).labelData); … Read more

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python – PyQT5 and OpenCv2 loading images incorrectly when refreshing

In a nutshell, I currently am trying to load a picture and view it using pyqt5, via QtWidgets.QGraphicsScene. However, after loading the picture, I run some opencv2 commands (canny, gaussian to get some region-of-interest). These region-of-interest are simply XY coordinates. This then breaks the displaying picture — and I get lots of blue screens. The … Read more

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Updated Question: HOW COULD I ADD A COMPONENT TO AN APP_INITIALIZER? I have an app which do some backend calls before initializing. I have a loading screen for this, which tells the user that something is currently loading. The problem is that I also want to show what is currently loading. If one of the … Read more

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javascript – Not sure why moving mesh gradient isn’t loading onto site

function normalizeColor(e){return[(e>>16&255)/255,(e>>8&255)/255,(255&e)/255]}[“SCREEN”,”LINEAR_LIGHT”].reduce(((e,n,t)=>Object.assign(e,{[n]:t})),{});class MiniGl{constructor(e,n,t,i=!1){const s=this,o=-1!==document.location.search.toLowerCase().indexOf(“debug=webgl”);s.canvas=e,s.gl=s.canvas.getContext(“webgl”,{antialias:!0}),s.meshes=[];const r=s.gl;n&&t&&this.setSize(n,t),s.lastDebugMsg,s.debug=i&&o?function(e){const n=new Date;n-s.lastDebugMsg>1e3&&console.log(“—“),console.log(n.toLocaleTimeString()+Array(Math.max(0,32-e.length)).join(” “)+e+”: “,…Array.from(arguments).slice(1)),s.lastDebugMsg=n}:()=>{},Object.defineProperties(s,{Material:{enumerable:!1,value:class{constructor(e,n,t={}){const i=this;function o(e,n){const t=r.createShader(e);return r.shaderSource(t,n),r.compileShader #gradient-canvas { width:100%; height:100%; –gradient-color-1: #c3e4ff; –gradient-color-2: #6ec3f4; –gradient-color-3: #eae2ff; –gradient-color-4: #b9beff; } <canvas id=”gradient-canvas” data-transition-in> </canvas>

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