deployment – Next.js app running fine on local host but not on Netlify/Heroku/Vercel

I am not a Next.js developer but I know how to run the React/Next/Vue – Nodejs apps. I am able to run it locally by using ‘yarn run dev’ Check the Log from Netlify below. 7:53:06 PM: Build ready to start 7:53:08 PM: build-image version: 0e2f4c52031ab562db66aec633308326e3b108d0 (focal) 7:53:08 PM: build-image tag: focal 7:53:08 PM: buildbot … Read more

kubernetes – Local Airflow Instance with minikube

I’m trying to run local Airflow instance on my laptop using minikube, deployment.yml file with the following command: kubectl apply -f ./deployment.yml. After slightly tweaking this file I was able to end up with all three pods: postgres, webserver, scheduler running fine. The result of the kubectl get pods The content of the file: — … Read more

c# – “Trust anchor for certification path not found.” in a .NET Maui Project trying to contact a local .NET WebApi

Intro Since some “super-clever” SO reviewers thought it would – quote – defaces the post in order to promote a product or service, or is deliberately destructive if nolex’s answer gets edited to fix a bug causing her/his solution to fail in latest MAUI (using VS version 17.2 Preview 2.1) remove unnecessary / obsolete stuff … Read more

macos – Issues with running spark-submit on a local machine with Apache Spark (stand alone, single node)

I’ve installed apache spark on my mac with 16 GB of RAM to test my pyspark code locally with small data sets before I test it on a real cluster. I’ve installed apache spark via brew and use spark-submit to run my pyspark code locally. It works, except sometimes I get a strange generic error … Read more