Transmit Log Messages to a Kafka Topic: Log4j2

Context It could be a basic “Hello, World!” application or a complex banking solution like Stripe, but developing an application is a fascinating process. This process typically includes extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that not only the requirements are met but also that the application is reliable enough for users to consume. While … Read more

java – How to Display a Windows event Log details in jni the return data must be array of properties import java.util.*; public class eventJava{ static{ System.loadLibrary(“event”); } public native Properties[] sayHello(); public static void main(String[] args) { try { Properties[] records = new Properties[1000]; records = new sayHello(); } catch (UnsatisfiedLinkError e) { System.out.println(“Couldn’t call native function.n” + e); } // Create an instance and invoke the native method for(Properties record:records){ System.out.print(“type:”+record.getProperty(“type”)); System.out.print(“ttime:”+record.getProperty(“time”)); … Read more

asynchronous – Why `tokio::mpsc` Channel Stuck with no Log and no Error

The origin post is here. And it looks like nobody help me there. Stuck at this line: The receiver logic here: I don’t know why. If I use try_recv()everything works well. If you want to run the code, use: cargo run —release –features debug-websocket — re-genesis wss:// –log subalfred And I have … Read more

c# – Telemetry Client won’t log to Application Insights

I’m working in a full framework 4.7.2 web application. I’m trying to log to Application Insights. I added the default ApplicationInsights.config. I wrote some code but I just can’t seem to find out why it doesn’t log to Application Insights. Can anyone help me or does anyone see my problemn? I checked the InstrumentationKey … Read more

12 Linux Commands Worth Remembering for Log File Operations (With Examples) | by Thilina Ashen Gamage | May, 2022

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swift – App works fine on device and simulator, but Apple review sends me this crash log

Here is the crash log Apple Review sent me. I’ve never had this issue previously, and it seems like the issue is coming from old code I’ve had no problem with before. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firebase firestore, storage, analytics, AdSupport, Auth, and kingfisher with Swift Package Manager with no success, and I can’t … Read more