Creating a Game Loop in JavaScript | by Nevin Katz | Aug, 2022

Let’s smooth out player movement with a recurring process. Image by storyset on freepik Over the past several months I have been building a JavaScript game where a player wanders through procedurally-generated caverns. A screenshot of a game level, where the player is the blue square in the center. Enemies are in red. The game … Read more

docker – ECS jenkins container goes for infinite loop start and stop with ec2 launch type with exit code 143, what is wrong or missing in the cft, mount vol?

docker – ECS jenkins container goes for infinite loop start and stop with ec2 launch type with exit code 143, what is wrong or missing in the cft, mount vol? – Stack Overflow … Read more

python – Creating a loop for optimization using random numbers

I’m trying to do optimization using random numbers (with specified range of values). My code is below: x_1 = np.random.uniform(100,1200) x_2 = np.random.uniform(-5,3) x_3 = np.random.uniform(20,300) x_4 = np.random.uniform(1.1,2.9) params = { ‘X1’: x_1, ‘X2’: x_2, ‘X3’: x_3 , ‘X4’: x_4 } states = { ‘production_store’: 0.60 * params[‘X1’], ‘routing_store’: 0.70 * params[‘X3’] } # … Read more

python 3.x – I need an efficient way too loop over an SQL query, parse some columns, and save in a new table

It’s been three(3) days now trying to implement this idea, I want to query a database ic4projournal.db with a changing parameter branch_idand get some of its values, then manipulate those values ​​and put them in a new table in the same database, this is my code: for branch_id in branch_list: # Query database on each … Read more

flutter – how to properly handle list of TextEditingController for a five TextFormField generated by the loop used by listview.builder?

I’m having a future list to work with the listview.builder. I have another list List<QuizQuestion> listofquizquestionsforquiz=GlobalParams.quizmodel.quizQuestions; for listofquizquestionsforquiz I want every item in the list of TextEditingController to handle the corresponding TextFormField, meaning for controllers[0] I want it to be attached and work with the first TextFormField the Listview.builder generates, then the second textedintingcontroller to … Read more

Javascript for loop mistakes

function nameGenerator(){ const elements = document.querySelectorAll(‘.mon__sect-row-inner’); for (const element of elements) { const currentText = element.querySelector(‘.entry-title-inner’).innerText; for (setText of currentText) setText = element.querySelector(‘.render-roller’); console.log(currentText); setText.setAttribute(“data-roll-name”,currentText) } I would like this to loop through the first item in Selector 1 and then all the sub arrays under Selector 1 but in Selector 2. Then back to … Read more

javascript – How to modify checked status of user input on individual card without modifying all cards (when using a for loop to run through an array)

Library project. When I add a new book to my library, the newest book’s read status changes all the book’s read statuses to the latest instead of only modifying the book that is currently being added. I believe this is because I remove all the cards at the beginning of the displayBooks() function. I do … Read more