c – Missing separator in generated Makefile

I’m trying to compile this decade-old project: https://github.com/komar007/freecg The makefile generates Makefile.dep which seems incorrectly formatted. How should I change the makefile so that the Makefile.dep gets generated correctly? nino@nino-ubuntu:~/StudioProjects/freecg$ make make cgl_view make[1]: Entering directory ‘/home/nino/StudioProjects/freecg’ Makefile.dep:1: *** missing separator. Stop. make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/nino/StudioProjects/freecg’ make: *** [Makefile:10: all] Error 2 The below output … Read more

makefile – How to add external library (ODE) to OpenFrameworks QTCreator application (C++)

I’m trying to make a small graphical simulation using Open dynamics engine and Open Frameworks for my University course and I’m having trouble adding an external library to my make/config.make file and my lecturer couldn’t figure it out so here it goes. Apologies but I’m pretty newbie to C++. I’m including ode as a header … Read more