python – How to manage the same frame like 2 different objects importing it from the same file

My goal is to have stored in file one “”, importing it from “” and to use it multiple times as many times I need and use they like different objects storing for eachone their own variables some shared and other not shared, without loosing it after self.Destroy(). The reason is because my “” is … Read more

Introducing NEAR Document Cloud — A Decentralization Approach to Manage Documents

The Web3 way of managing documents The robust and trustless solution to sign, manage store, and modify documents. Everything is powered by the next-generation layer-one blockchain NEAR platform. Blockchain Choice Justification NEAR is not the most popular blockchain at the time of writing but it has a very good foundation to be chosen for a … Read more

How To Manage Multiple Docker Containers at Scale | by Matt Bentley | May, 2022

A guide for managing Docker containers at scale, including development, continuous integration, environment promotion, and DevSecOps Credit: With the rise of containers and container orchestrators, Docker has become a must-have skill for all modern-day programmers. This article is for anyone who builds custom container images from their application code, whether you are using Kubernetes … Read more

How to Manage Distributed Teams

Challenges and Solutions Since the client’s project is a startup, the tasks’ distribution causes particular logistics issues that directly affect the teams’ interactions. This is likely to occur at the early project stages when the teams aren’t used to each other’s methods and still have specific communication issues. Thus, one of our key goals was … Read more

How to Manage Distributed Apps in Kubernetes

In this post, we’ll explore a few alternative approaches to using Kubernetes (K8s) to help you more easily manage distributed applications. Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) provides many different options for managing your distributed applications. And, there are many open-source projects out there that have come a long way in helping to alleviate some of … Read more