reactjs – Why after switching views, React-Leaflet map grayed out? It happens after interaction with the map and then switching between views

My Solution: What I did is to save the current (after first interaction with map) state of the map and then try to restart it from saved state for future use (switching to other tabs/views). To save the state of the map, It should happen right exactly before switching out from the map view! In … Read more

Using a Displacement Map to Build a Scene With SceneKit Under SwiftUI | by Mark Locking | Jun, 2022

Continuing the adventure on SceneKit capabilities A displacement map in SceneKit Around the same time they were making the Alien movie, there was a second sci-fi in production that would become a $10 billion dollar franchise that Disney recently rebooted. That movie came out in 1977, and it was called Star Wars. With a company … Read more

express – Wired behavior of reactjs map() function with heroku

Locally, my react app works perfectly as I am extracting data from the database (in the backend) and then displaying it with map(): useEffect(() => { async function load() { const _requests = await getServiceRequests(); console.log(“Debug Log: “); console.table(_requests); const listItems = => <li>{service[‘service_name’] + ‘ ‘ + service[‘service_description’] + ‘: ‘} {<a href={“#”} … Read more

javascript – Why does my date variable reset in my map

I wasn’t quite happy with the accepted answer and its discussion, so here comes a rather lengthy answer to provide some additional context. I hope it might be helpful, if not then that’s tough luck, I guess. Logically, your problem is that you initialize your variable inside the […Array(rows).keys()].map callback (let date = 1). Hence, … Read more