Code Complexity and the Bin Packing Problem | by Marcus Haberling | May, 2022

A mental tool for software system design Generated at and licensed for use by me. For all the hype around AI making art, this doesn’t REALLY look like the prompt “Ten Bins in a row,” does it? We all know that the Binning Problem is NP — NP-Hard, to be specific. What if this … Read more

Why You Should Write a Context-Driven Scripting Language | by Marcus Haberling | May, 2022

Sometimes the best way out of code complexity is to go deeper. Photo by Arnold Francisca on Unsplash Have you, Dear Reader, ever got caught in a customization trap? Example 0: You add custom checking range to input fields with ranges defined in the database. People are delighted. Until they want the range of inputs … Read more

A Guide to Micromanagement. 7 steps to escape micromanagement | by Marcus Knight | Mar, 2022

7 steps to escape micromanagement Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash As a manager at PK, you have a responsibility to avoid micromanagement because, as this guide will explain, it is the root of many negative outcomes within teams. We’ll explain exactly what micromanagement is and how it can manifest itself within teams, then … Read more

What is a “Bug” Anyways?. Understanding the defects in your code | by Marcus Haberling | Apr, 2022

Understanding the defects in your code Photo by Daniel K Cheung on Unsplash In software, we talk a lot about bugs. Where they come from, how to avoid them, how to deal with them, etc. But what actually is a bug? I’ve seen projects that have over a hundred bugs, each one well documented and … Read more