Should You Be Using Python’s Walrus Operator? (Yes. And Here’s Why) | by Martin Heinz | Aug, 2022

Python’s controversial assignment expression — known as the walrus operator — can improve your code, and it’s time you start using it! Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash The assignment operator — or walrus operator as we all know it — is a feature that’s been in Python for a while now (since 3.8), yet … Read more

Web Scraping Using C# and .NET. Turn web pages into structured data | by Martin Cerruti | Jul, 2022

Turn web pages into structured data Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash Even though C# has established itself as a reliable programming language, mostly in the realms of back-end applications, it isn’t the first language that comes to mind when you’re looking to build a web scraper. While C#’s rigid type system may feel inflexible … Read more

Refactoring PyPDF2’s Transformation Interface | by Martin Thoma | Jun, 2022

To create a system that’s easier to maintain Image from Wikipedia Commons (Sears Sports Center, public domain) I love writing good software. Software that is reliable and intuitively understandable by users as well as easy to maintain. It’s super hard to learn and teach what good software looks like, but I hope to plant some … Read more