Correlation Between Fast TTM and Containers

TTM and Software Architecture One of the critical factors for business success is Time to Market (TTM). TTM is the length of time from the moment of idea creation, which could be a new product or business, to launching the final product or service to customers. Markets move fast and delayed TTM may ruin the … Read more

javascript – count if there are dates in array that match condition

function calculate() { var day = document.first.len11c.value; var mon = document.first.len12c.value; var year = document.first.len13c.value; var ylen = year.length; var m = new Array(“Jan”, “Feb”, “March”, “April”, “May”, “June”, “July”, “Aug”, “Sept”, “Oct”, “Nov”, “Dec”); var curd = new Date(year, mon – 1, day); var res2 = curd.getMonth(); var res = new Date(); var diff … Read more

python – PY_environment ‘time_step’ doesn’t match ‘time_step_spec’ – I can’t spot the difference

I’m trying to create a custom tf-agents environment for trading. When I try to validate it by calling utils.validate_py_environment(environment, episodes=1), I’m getting a ValueError ‘time_step’ doesn’t match ‘time_step_spec’ . I’ve been trying to spot the difference for a while now but I can’t seem to find it. Am I missing something? My Environment class TradingEnv(py_environment.PyEnvironment): … Read more

Text content did not match in React 18 : learnprogramming

Hello, recently the project I am working on has been upgraded to React 18. By then, suddenly a lot of issues with hydration have started to appear as warnings/errors in the console. The one I’m struggling with is “Warning: Text content did not match”: Code of this component: <div className=”O75-product-faq__questions is-active accordion–initialized”> { dataForSelect.length … Read more

python – Changing Shape in Image input to Match that of a Downloaded Model

I am working on a Model downloaded from github that takes as an input an image and begins a Classification process . After taking a deeper look at this model,i figured out that it expect image with type (numpy.ndarray ) and a Shape of (1, 512, 512, 1).The model downloaded predicts on a tfrecord file … Read more

reactjs – NGINX Setup to Match Proxy Middleware Configuration

I have the following setupProxy.js class that configures redirection for api calls to my server. const { createProxyMiddleware } = require(“http-proxy-middleware”); module.exports = function (app) { app.use( “/api/tours”, createProxyMiddleware({ target: “http://localhost:5000”, changeOrigin: true, }) ); }; My App.js looks like const App = () => { const { userDetails } = useContext(AuthContext); const { colorMode … Read more