material ui – Server-side rendering broken after upgrading to MUI 5 (with Next.js)

I migrated my server-side rendering (SSR) working app to version 5 of MUI. I followed the official procedure, but when I disabled JavaScript, I received a raw HTML page (without CSS). You can see it here (sorry if it’s down; I’m redeploying often to test). run codemod (v5.0.0/preset-safe and link-underline-hover) changed the makeStyles calls to … Read more

angular13 – Angular Can Deactivate – Material Dropdown

I have an implementation of Angular RouteGuard CanDeactivate. It works for input fields but its not working for drop downs. I also want to display my own modal and I can’t get it work correctly. This is the HTML template code: <div *ngIf=”!this.overallStructure” class=”page-header”> <div class=”col”> <h1>Loading please wait…</h1> </div> </div> <div *ngIf=”this.overallStructure” class=”content_wrapper”> <div … Read more

Material UI V5, inalid hook and ForwardRef(Button) Problem in ReactJS

I am trying to use Material UI in my project and getting an invalid hook, The above error occurred in the <ForwardRef(Button)> component, and some other problems. I created a simple test file to isolate and make sure that material UI is the issue. Any idea on how I can fix this issue, thank you. … Read more

css – Why Drawer from material Ui is taking the whole height and the background is also white

So I was trying to clone the Gmail using React and Material Ui I don’t know why for some reason Material Ui is taking the whole height of the screen and not the required that I wanted. I tried googling about the problem in which I got this link :- material-ui change the height of … Read more

javascript – How to avoid extra mat-form-field-underline in angular material

I am having an issue finding why i get an extra mat-form-field-underline when using a component. My Page uses the following Code <mat-form-field class=”col-md-6″> <app-mat-select-all [data]=”tractList$” formControlName=”tractList” fieldName=”name” [multiselect]=true labelText=”Tract List” idField=”guid” > </app-mat-select-all> </mat-form-field> And my custom component has the following template code <form novalidate [formGroup]=”form”> <mat-form-field> <mat-label>{{labelText}}</mat-label> <mat-select #select [multiple]=”multiselect” [formControl]=”selectField” > <div … Read more