5 reasons you should buy these discounted AirPods Max on Black Friday

To many of us, music is an escape. Whether it is physical, by blocking out surrounding noise, or mental, through lyrics that help us cope with ongoing struggles. Anybody can listen to a certain song, but this very same track can trigger different reactions in our brains — based on how we listen to it. … Read more

7 Lean Mistakes That Destroy Startups | by Max Weinbrown | Jul, 2022

And how you can recognize and fix them Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash In 2019, at least 9 out of 10 startups had Failed by their 10th year. At the same time, the “Lean” movement surged in popularity. Founders and companies started using buzzwords they didn’t understand just to attract talent and inspire confidence. … Read more

Find max number of students to attend sessions javascript

A one-day-long training session will be conducted twice during the next 10 days. There are N employees (numbered 0 to N-1) willing to attend it. Each employee has provided a list of which of the next 10 days they are able to participate in the training. The employees preferences are represented as an array of … Read more

Dealing With Slow SQL Queries? Let the “EXPLAIN” Statement Handle It | by Max | Jun, 2022

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