Advice for Developers: “Great Git Commit Messages Are Not Shorter Than 50 Characters” | by Dr. Derek Austin 🥳 | Aug, 2022

This myth comes from the era of 80-column x 25-row text terminals. Here’s why you should write long commit messages Obviously, I am Groot in this photo by Praveen Thirumurugan from Unsplash Remember when Twitter was a platform where you could only post up to 140 characters at a time — the maximum allowed in … Read more

javascript – How to set flash messages in a stimulus reflex model update method

I’m working on a RoR app with stimulusReflex, and i want to implement a flash notice message for the update method i code. I have trouble finding the right path to implement this feature. development environment Rails 6.1.5 ruby 2.7.3p183 app/views/layout/application.html.erb <html> <head> <title>Clustech</title> <%= favicon_link_tag ‘favicon.png’ %> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width,initial-scale=1″> <%= csrf_meta_tags %> <%= … Read more

Transmit Log Messages to a Kafka Topic: Log4j2

Context It could be a basic “Hello, World!” application or a complex banking solution like Stripe, but developing an application is a fascinating process. This process typically includes extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that not only the requirements are met but also that the application is reliable enough for users to consume. While … Read more

How to block spam messages on your Android phone or your iPhone: A step-by-step guide

We all receive unsolicited pings every once in a while from spammers and random, unknown numbers. Even if you have one of the best Android phones or the best iPhones on the market, it’s inevitable that you’ll receive spam messages. While text messages aren’t as annoying as telemarketing calls, they can still get on your … Read more

Retry consuming messages while processing concurrently using reactor kafka

I have a project where I consume messages from an incoming topic process it and send them to outgoing topic. Now consider that the outgoing topic is down because of some infrastructure issue resulting in error while sending the message. In this case, I am committing till the last successful message (processed and send to … Read more

Practice on Pushing Messages to Devices of Different Manufacturers

Push messaging, with the proliferation of mobile Internet, has become a very effective way for mobile apps to achieve business success. It improves user engagement and stickiness by allowing developers to send messages to a wide range of users in a wide range of scenarios: taking the subway or bus, having a meal in a … Read more

java – my corresponding error messages cant be found when an error occurs in my new user sighn up page

im trying to get my messages from the corresponding errors using springboot thymleaf. So the validator works and ive checked it gets the right error object each time the appropriate error occurs. the only problem is that my program cant find the value from the error code my example so far is making my date … Read more

my messages aren’t showing.

im using springboot login system upon building on it im running into and issue the validator works but when i call for a message on my html i get an error message this Caused by: org.attoparser.ParseException: Error during execution of processor 'org.thymeleaf.spring5.processor.SpringErrorsTagProcessor' (template: "new_user" – line 68, col 65) at org.attoparser.MarkupParser.parseDocument( at org.attoparser.MarkupParser.parse( at org.thymeleaf.templateparser.markup.AbstractMarkupTemplateParser.parse( … Read more