javascript – How to set flash messages in a stimulus reflex model update method

I’m working on a RoR app with stimulusReflex, and i want to implement a flash notice message for the update method i code. I have trouble finding the right path to implement this feature. development environment Rails 6.1.5 ruby 2.7.3p183 app/views/layout/application.html.erb <html> <head> <title>Clustech</title> <%= favicon_link_tag ‘favicon.png’ %> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width,initial-scale=1″> <%= csrf_meta_tags %> <%= … Read more

java – Spring Validator validate method never called

I have two close to each other controllers – one for products and one for users. I’d like to add Spring Validation to both controllers. So I added ProductValidator and UserValidator classes which implement Validator. ProductValidator works fine. The problem is UserValidator is never called. InitBinder method is being called, but validation doesn’t work. At … Read more

c# – How to add Logout method in .NET core 3.1 with storing jwt token in cookies

I’m new to c# and dot net. i am unable to understand how to implement logout method with jwt token here i’m attaching my whole code. i have implemented the authentication and authorization with jwt i’m accessing the credentials for login from the appssetting.json. here is my appsetting.json where i have mentioned username,password and secret … Read more

Implied Volatility iterations (Newton’s method) for DATAFRAMES for python pandas

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. I am trying to imply Newton’s method for root finding in regards to iterate Implied Volatility of an whole Option Chain. The idea is quite simple: to put IV results in columns and then draw the IV smile/skew … Read more

vue.js – VueJS: Why parent components method unable to delete/destroy child’s child (`vue2-dropzone`) component entirely?

I am creating a slider in vuejs and am using vue2-dropzone plugin for file uploads where each slide (slide-template.vue) has a vue2-dropzone component. When app loads, image files are manually added in each vue2-dropzone (manuallyAddFile plugins API) queried from image API (hosted on heroku) The issue is when I delete the first slide, calling the … Read more

How to Write Unit Tests for Combine’s Debounce Method in iOS | by Arek Pituła | Jul, 2022

Testing is easy. Writing a testable code is not. Writing testable code can be hard. Writing testable code that requires asynchronous work is harder. A large percentage of applications that implement combine use it mostly to support concurrent pieces of code, rather than synchronous. Obviously, adopting a Combine operation to support both async and sync … Read more

python – How to resize custom tickbox images in Tkinter.ttk created with the element_create() method of ttk.Style() object?

I managed to define a function on_resizewhich resizes my font and images on widgets after scaling the window. For the comboboxes reizing the text seems to be a bug (?) as they need to be adressed with an additional command. Now everything resizes perfectly, except the tickbox, which I created. Even the default tickboxes won’t … Read more