Authentication Methods for B2B SaaS Integrations

From the earliest days of software development, authentication (also called auth) has been essential. To ensure system and data security, you must ensure that only properly identified users are permitted to log in to a system. If you’re building native integrations to connect your SaaS product to the other apps your customers use, one of … Read more

methods – Is Java “pass-by-reference” or “pass-by-value”?

There are already great answers that cover this. I wanted to make a small contribution by sharing a very simple example (which will compile) contrasting the behaviors between Pass-by-reference in c++ and Pass-by-value in Java. A few points: The term “reference” is an overloaded with two separate meanings. In Java it simply means a pointer, … Read more

go – CFG post-order panic: reflect: embedded type with methods not implemented if there is more than one field

I am trying to build a Traefik plugin and test it in local mode based on In this plugin, I am trying to use a library Without importing this library, the code runs well. As long as I added import ( “” ) _ = gqlparser.MustLoadSchema The full code: package traefik_plugin_validate_graphql_query import ( … Read more

Salesforce CRM Integration Methods to Know

Salesforce users require seamless data exchange from external sources to make fast and insightful business decisions. This requires merging data and functionality of Salesforce with other platforms via integration. Since a large number of business apps are decentralized and hosted on disparate platforms, integrating systems may seem to be a daunting task. MuleSoft’s 2020 Connectivity … Read more

Synchronization Methods for Many-To-Many Associations

The many-to-many association is a common thing in data modeling. In JPA entities, it is implemented as collections that store associated entities from the other side of the association. To keep collections consistent on both sides, developers usually implement data synchronization methods. This article will highlight common issues that happen when adding synchronized methods for … Read more