Weekly Rituals You Should Master: Project Manager

Why a month, as opposed to something sooner or later? The short answer is that this is what I’ve seen both with my own experience and with evidence from some limited data I’ve seen. You can read more about this in my post on milestones, not projects. I recommend getting the product manager, designer, and … Read more

8 Must-Have Project Reports You Can Use Today

Knowing exactly what state your project is in is important. You’ll need to report on the progress of each assignment and summarize what’s been completed so far. You should start keeping track of these as soon as you begin planning any project because chances are, you’ll forget something or think of something completely different by … Read more

Android 13 Beta 3 marks the first Platform Stability milestone

At I/O 2022, Google released the second Android 13 beta released earlier this year. The update introduced a couple of noteworthy features, like a protective back gesture, resource files for specifying supported app languages, and a new permission to use exact alarms. Now, Google has started seeding the third Android 13 beta release for its … Read more