Fast Image Processing in Android With Halide | by Minhaz | May, 2022

I have written about how Halide allows us to write both fast and maintainable code. This one will show its power with Android applications. Photo by Dan Smedley on Unsplash. Halide is an open-source domain specific language designed to make it easier to write and maintain high-performance image processing or array processing code on modern … Read more

How Google Developers “do Not” Write Their Comments | by Minhaz | May, 2022

Writing documentation is an important part of coding. Here are some practices we “do not” follow at Google while writing code comments. Photo by Cess Idul on Unsplash. I didn’t come up with this topic by myself. I have always believed this to be a fairly subjective topic. It still is — but, a few … Read more

Understanding the General Concepts of Halide Programming Language | by Minhaz | Apr, 2022

Write fast and maintainable code Screenshot of the 3×3 box blur algorithm written in Halide. Source — Last time I presented how it’s possible to achieve high performance with simple and maintainable code with Halide. This time, I’ll share about the general concepts in Halide. Halide is an open-source programming language designed to make … Read more