Intro to Pure CSS: Minimal, modular CSS layouts

If you’ve been working with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for a while, you’ve likely noticed the trend toward simpler CSS frameworks that get the job done. This article introduces one of the stronger examples. Pure CSS is a modular, responsive framework that puts its own spin on CSS development, with an approach that is minimal, … Read more

HTTPS— In a Nutshell. The minimal number of concepts required… | by Wesley Uykimpang | Jun, 2022

The minimal number of concepts required for you to understand how HTTPS works Photo by Felipe Gregate on Unsplash For some jobs, having a credential — like a medical degree — is necessary to ensure that the person has the proper training to perform the job. This situation begs the question: how do you verify … Read more – .NET 6 – minimal web app for permanent redirect on Azure App Service on Linux

I have a subdomain which must redirect any route to a main domain root: http(s):// => http(s)://{*anything} => So, I have created a minimal .NET 6 web app: using System.Net; WebApplicationBuilder builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args); builder.Services.AddHttpsRedirection(options => { options.RedirectStatusCode = (int)HttpStatusCode.PermanentRedirect; options.HttpsPort = 443; }); WebApplication app = builder.Build(); app.Urls.Add(“http://+”); app.Urls.Add(“https://+”); app.UseHttpsRedirection(); app.MapGet(“/”, () … Read more

Use logging and DI in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6

ASP.NET Core 6 introduces a simplified hosting model that can be used to implement lightweight APIs with minimal dependencies. These minimal APIs reduce the boilerplate code you need to write to get your ASP.NET Core 6 applications up and running. We discussed how to get started with minimal APIs in an earlier article. In this … Read more