Multiple drag in SwiftUI works the first time I drag but jumps the second time I try, what am I missing?

I have these two views, A in red and B in yellow. A is covering the whole screen, B is way smaller than A. SITUATION 1 I want B to receive no touch. I want fingers sliding in A to move B, relatively. A never moves. For example. A finger dragging from 0,0 to 40,0, … Read more

Error processing tweet JSON in R function: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

I am using a function which takes a raw tweet JSON file as input and outputs the retweet cascades. Here is a part of the function: if (api_version == 2) { parse_tweet <- function(tweet, keep_text = F) { tryCatch({ json_tweet <- jsonlite::fromJSON(tweet) id <- json_tweet$data$id magnitude <-zero_if_null(json_tweet$includes$users$public_metrics$followers_count) user_id <- json_tweet$data$author_id retweet_id <- NA if (keep_text) … Read more

controller – UrllinksController#create is missing a template for this request format and variant. request.formats: [“text/html”] request.variant: []

I have a controller for urllinks and home and have a view for create.js.erb. Showing error when I click on Create Short Link. Controllers/UrllinksController class UrllinksController < ApplicationController # is looking for instant variables that have been set # Using create method as a JS Endpoint # by rendering JS template back to the server … Read more

You’re missing the boat on cloud-native

I read an OutSystems report the other day that surprised me. According to OutSystems’ “Cloud-Native Development: Ready or Not?” report, although both Gartner and IDC predict that 90% to 95% of applications will be cloud-native by 2025, only 47% of IT decision makers and developers even understand what “cloud native” actually means. In other words, … Read more

c – Missing separator in generated Makefile

I’m trying to compile this decade-old project: The makefile generates Makefile.dep which seems incorrectly formatted. How should I change the makefile so that the Makefile.dep gets generated correctly? nino@nino-ubuntu:~/StudioProjects/freecg$ make make cgl_view make[1]: Entering directory ‘/home/nino/StudioProjects/freecg’ Makefile.dep:1: *** missing separator. Stop. make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/nino/StudioProjects/freecg’ make: *** [Makefile:10: all] Error 2 The below output … Read more

html – Forbidden (CSRF token missing or incorrect.): /

So i want to make models form to upload file mp3. I was copy the code from the website, but suddenly it goes error. Here’s error message on the website : Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed. Request aborted. Help Reason given for failure: CSRF token missing or incorrect. In general, this can occur when there … Read more

python – how can i solve the missing player score argument form the draw leaderboard function

main(this is the code that creates my games and creates a score): # importing package import turtle import random import sys import time import leaderboard as lb # set the background color of the turtle screen backround = turtle.Screen() backround.bgcolor(“forest green”) backround.tracer(False) backround.setup(600,8000) #score configureation score = 0 leader_names_list = [] leader_scores_list = [] leaderboard_file_name … Read more

android – kotlinx.serialization.json.internal.JsonDecodingException: Polymorphic serializer was not found for missing class discriminator (‘null’)

I am using sealed class to handle api response. I am trying some code but getting some error of serialization. I tried this solution as well but it did not work. Can you guys help me out on this problem. I am new in serialization field. import kotlinx.serialization.Serializable sealed class ApiResponse<out T : Any> { … Read more