Pagination in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile | by Annas Surdyanto | Aug, 2022

Create faster loading pages with these strategies Photo by Francesco on Unsplash Pagination is always unavoidable in a well-performed app not only to have efficient data loads but also to produce a better user experience. By dividing data into separated pages, the app will load faster, and the user will get the data sooner. It … Read more

How To Setup a Clean and Scalable Architecture in Android and Kotlin for Multiplatform Mobile Apps | by Mukul Jangir | Aug, 2022

A guide to help you develop easily There has always been an open debate on which architecture we should choose and why we need architecture, blah, blah, blah. In Android development, people are always confused when choosing MVVM, MVP, and MVC architecture. But yeah! Most people choose MVVM because of the model-view-view-model relation. But in … Read more

Responsive Design and jQuery Mobile

The source code The slides for the talk “Mobile First!” is the new cry of web designers worldwide. But how do you do it? Do you have to scrap all of your current web skills? Is it magic created by wizard-like designers which could never be understood by mere mortals? Believe it or not, with … Read more

8 Cross-Platform Tools for Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is an industry that’s constantly changing and evolving. While some of the biggest apps may seem like they’re stuck in time, there are new technologies emerging every day, which means developers have to stay on their toys. The thing about mobile apps is that the user experience needs to be seamless across … Read more

Top 13 Mobile App Development Platforms You Need

Mobile apps are playing an important role in our daily lives, and the demand for mobile apps growing at an unbelievable rate. The market is becoming loaded with mobile apps, and users want better user experiences from their favorite brands. This has led to a higher demand for mobile app developers who are capable of … Read more

javascript – Why can my Android 11 smartphone detect the microphone headsets through apps from the Play Store but can’t from Google Chrome or Firefox Mobile?

I have a Smartphone that can detect and play sounds from the microphone headsets and the internal microphone integrated in the Smartphone, but when I use this web app it doesn’t detect the microphone headset, only detects the internal integrated smartphone microphone. Only apps downloaded from Play Store detect the microphone headset, Google Chrome or … Read more

What is Flutter? Mobile app development for Android, iOS, and more

There was a time when you had to choose between creating universal mobile apps and native apps. Universal apps used web technologies like HTML and JavaScript, which often performed badly in mobile devices. Native apps performed better because they were written separately for each platform you wanted to support, but they were expensive and required … Read more