All Hail the Monolith — Celebrating the Verbosity of the Unified Architecture in Terraform | by Jennelle Cosby | Jun, 2022

Exploring the monolithic architecture image created with Unsplash and Canva As you can probably tell, I have feelings about monolithic architectures in tech. On one hand, everything is so neatly packaged in a single file that it’s difficult not to love the apparent simplicity of it all. However, the services that are tied together can … Read more

Chopping the Monolith – DZone Microservices

If you attend conferences or read technical articles, you could think that microservices are the correct and only way to build a system at the moment. Despite some pushback from cooler heads, the default architecture is microservices. In this post, I’d like to argue why it’s wrong. I’ll first get back to the origin of … Read more