python – How to use Selenium in Databricks and accessing and moving downloaded files to mounted storage and keep Chrome and ChromeDriver versions in sync?

Here is the guide to installing Selenium, Chrome, and ChromeDriver. This will also move a file after downloading via Selenium to your mounted storage. Each number should be in it’s own cell. Install Selenium %pip install selenium Do your imports import pickle as pkl from selenium import webdriver from import Options Download the latest … Read more

javascript – Not sure why moving mesh gradient isn’t loading onto site

function normalizeColor(e){return[(e>>16&255)/255,(e>>8&255)/255,(255&e)/255]}[“SCREEN”,”LINEAR_LIGHT”].reduce(((e,n,t)=>Object.assign(e,{[n]:t})),{});class MiniGl{constructor(e,n,t,i=!1){const s=this,o=-1!“debug=webgl”);s.canvas=e,“webgl”,{antialias:!0}),s.meshes=[];const;n&&t&&this.setSize(n,t),s.lastDebugMsg,s.debug=i&&o?function(e){const n=new Date;n-s.lastDebugMsg>1e3&&console.log(“—“),console.log(n.toLocaleTimeString()+Array(Math.max(0,32-e.length)).join(” “)+e+”: “,…Array.from(arguments).slice(1)),s.lastDebugMsg=n}:()=>{},Object.defineProperties(s,{Material:{enumerable:!1,value:class{constructor(e,n,t={}){const i=this;function o(e,n){const t=r.createShader(e);return r.shaderSource(t,n),r.compileShader #gradient-canvas { width:100%; height:100%; –gradient-color-1: #c3e4ff; –gradient-color-2: #6ec3f4; –gradient-color-3: #eae2ff; –gradient-color-4: #b9beff; } <canvas id=”gradient-canvas” data-transition-in> </canvas>

java – How to prevent Bluetooth Disconnected when moving Fragment

I make a POS in android. I want to make a printing in my apps. To do printing I’m using bluetooth printer. Then, I had success make the bluetooth connection and I make it in one fragment. But every time I move to another fragment the bluetooth connection will be disconnected. How can I prevent … Read more