Vaadin Apps as Native Executables Using Quarkus

JVM is a monster – in a good way. Its architecture and especially the super-optimized just-in-time-compiler (JIT) help Java byte-code apps to run at a performance that makes startups rewrite their entire software when they grow up. But this amazing piece of engineering doesn’t come without a price. Even small JVM applications are known to … Read more

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps

It’s working great! People can easily access our services from multiple devices; what more do we need?’ said every person who, at one point in time, was asked if a mobile application is necessary for their existing web application. What comes next after your responsive website? What Is a Responsive Web Application? A responsive web … Read more

Detect cloud native security threats with Tracee

The cloud native threat landscape is constantly evolving. Research from Aqua’s Team Nautilus in 2021 revealed higher levels of sophistication in attacks and an increase in volume of attacks targeting infrastructure. The study showed that vulnerable containers could be exploited in less than an hour, underscoring the importance of visibility and real-time threat detection in … Read more

android – Unable to instantiate application java.lang.ClassNotFoundException React Native Expo

Need help here, please help. I cannot find what cause my app cannot run in production release. I use Expo Bare Workflow When I run expo run: android it success and the application is build and run normaly in my real device. But when I launch to the open testing using eas build –platform android … Read more

Developing a Flutter Native Plugin —A Real-world Scenario | by Hashem Abounajmi | May, 2022

Writing native code in Xcode and Android Studio to communicate with Flutter Photo by Artur Shamsutdinov on Unsplash Have you ever wanted to talk to iOS / Android OS and to do specific action which is not available in Flutter? Maybe your team have separate internal packages for iOS and Android platforms which you now … Read more

javascript – cannot create directory in android storage in react native cli

hello there I am new to mobile development and I am trying to make an app but I am stuck due to RNFetchBlob not working properly. the problem is RNFetchBlob doesnt make directory in android storage. even if i create directory, it isnt detected by isDir. Any kind of help woulld be appreciated. Thanks below … Read more

react native – Build ExpoGo APP : Nexus RM Connection Refused

i am new to web and in general development at all and sutmbled upon the following error where i hope you could help me out with. I have upgraded the Expo SDK to latest version 45 I have checked all dependencies and deprecated version etc. I have run all commands as instructed and tried to3.1) … Read more

Flutter vs React Native. How to Cover All Mobile Platforms in 2022 With No Hassle

Mobile app development is a must for any business that pursues top-notch customer experience. When we hear about a new exciting product or service appearance, in most cases, we won’t ask ourselves whether the company provides mobile app support or not. Instead, we grub our smartphones, always at hand, to decide if a new app … Read more