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Implementing the new NavigationStack programmatically Having just revisited this navigation for SwiftUI 3 here, Apple has since rethought navigation with the new NavigationStack as part of the latest SwiftUI 4 release. This is great news… and covers most of my previous suggestions! Previously, NavigationView Required explicitly defining navigation “edges” and the use of multiple flags … Read more

How can I navigate to a nested stack screen in a sibling tab navigator while preserving its initial screen? (React Navigation)

The Code: I’m using React Navigation 6 with the following hierarchy: MainTabNavigator HomeStack HomeScreen (HomeStack initial screen, contains a “Pay” button) OtherScreen MembershipStack MembershipHomeScreen (MembershipStack initial screen) PayMembershipScreen (should always navigate back to MembershipHomeScreen) The App launches into HomeScreen (inside HomeStack), so the MembershipStack tab won’t be loaded yet. There is a “Pay” button inside … Read more

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android – Navigation bug with BottomNavigationView

Navigation from my BottomNavigationView isn’t working correctly and I’m stumped. When I first open the app, it works fine. I click a button in the BottomNavigationView and the corresponding fragment is displayed. I start seeing the bug after I navigate from fragment A to fragment B using a “go to fragment B” button on fragment … Read more

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I have two graphs in my app. One is AuthNavGraph which contains auth-related screens like login and signup, and the other is MainNavGraphwhich contains BottomNavigationViewwith top-level destinations. Here are my destinations : interface RubiBrandsNavigationDestination { val route: String } sealed class Destination( override val route: String, val arguments: List<NamedNavArgument> = emptyList() ) : RubiBrandsNavigationDestination { … Read more

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Getting this exception when I quickly switch between destinations (ie Bottom navigation: HomeScreen -> SettingsScreen -> HomeScreen). Navigation is implemented according to the example in the documentation and sampleApp. Perhaps this is a Jetpack Compose bug, since I did not find a similar error on the Internet. Screens: sealed class Screen( val route: String, @StringRes … Read more

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