Externalize Microservice Configuration With Spring

In a microservices system, we might need or want to externalize configuration so that we can abstract sensitive data or credentials outside the applications. We can do something like this with Docker Compose, but the compose file often contains values ​​for multiple services together. We probably want further separation and limited access. This is where … Read more

Build a Java Microservice With AuraDB Free

For today’s adventure, we want to build a Java microservice that connects to and interacts with graph data in a Neo4j AuraDB Free database. Our data is a trimmed-down version of the Goodreads data set, which includes the book, author, and review information. While books and authors are well-suited for a document database such as … Read more

Spring Data Neo4j Expected a result with a single record, but this result contains at least one more. Ensure your query returns only one record

I’m newbies and sorry for my english skill not very well I develop event meeting application using Spring and Neo4j database. This is my models Member can Create Event and other member can register and check in event when member who is organizer has start check in event. This is my entities in java code … Read more

java – How can I calculate Shortest Path through Neo4j in my Spring Boot through localhost and Docker?

[*] I have a problem about calculating the shortest path through Neo4j in my Spring Boot example. After adding some cities with its route, I want to calculate their shortest path in terms of their connection and their duration. However, these two methods which defined in ShortestPathController cannot work. Here are the issues shown below. … Read more

css – How to access JSON values ​​of neo4j graph from Grass file

I am trying to access JSON values ​​of neo4j graph from GraSS file to set styling. This is color property present under relationship->properties in JSON returned from neo4j graph. Please help. Below is JSON from a single relationship between two nodes. First node is “xinhua” and second node is “united states” Sample JSON from a … Read more