How to use BitArray in .NET 7

The BitArray class in .NET 7 is a robust data structure that stores and manipulates bits of data. Each element in a BitArray can only hold a single bit (0 or 1) represented as false or true, where false indicates the bit is off (0) and true indicates the bit is on (1). BitArrays can … Read more

.NET Framework Vs .NET Core: A Complete Quick Comparison

There is an increasing demand for skilled .NET developers in this technology. Obviously, .NET technology refers to both .NET Framework and .NET Core. With the increasing demand for .NET development services, the .NET development company is offering quality web development projects. Therefore, it’s the right time to invest in these two languages ​​after having sufficient … Read more

Debugging HTTP Requests in .Net Core | by Edson Moisinho | Aug, 2022

Intercept requests and generate a curl command automatically Photo by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay When receiving errors resulting from HTTP requests of a Web APIs is very common start investigating the issue extracting the exact request that the app is doing and preparing a curl command or a postman call to reproduce the issue. This … Read more

The Good and the Bad of .NET Development Framework

.NET development framework has gained a lot of popularity in the dev market. It is used by millions of developers to create a variety of software applications. The reason is that .NET offers a plethora of features to develop any type of software product as per the given requirements. Furthermore, the platform has seen great … Read more

Amazon Lightsail: Virtual Cloud Server

Amazon Lightsail, launched in 2016, is essentially a virtual private server (VPS) that offers you everything needed to deploy an application or website in a cost-effective and easy-to-understand manner. It is a basic service, but extremely convenient. It is designed for customers, developers, small businesses, or startups to get quickly started in AWS. It reduces … Read more

Build .NET apps for the metaverse with StereoKit

Much of the Windows mixed-reality platform depends on Unity. However, that’s not always the best option for many reasons, especially its licensing model that’s still very focused on the games market. There are alternatives. You could use WebXR in an embedded browser or work with the cross-platform tools in the Power Platform that’s built around … Read more

Function to Return the USDT/USDD Contract Address on Tron Blockchain (Main Net, Nile, Shasta)

Function to Return the USDT/USDD Contract Address on Tron Blockchain (Main Net, Nile, Shasta) tron-blockchain USDT and USDD are two stable coins on Tron Blockchain. They are both TRC-20 tokens or coins. There are Shasta and Nile Test Net on which the TRC-20 contract addresses for USDT and USDD are different than those on main … Read more