python – Training a deep learning network for MRI reconstruction but loss and SSIM values ​​go to NaN after a few iterations

I’m currently working on a project to train a deep learning network to denoise MRI reconstructions in Pytorch but I’m running into issues in the training process where my loss and SSIM becomes NaN after a few iterations. From what I’ve gathered so far, it’s an issue with the gradients becoming too large and thus … Read more

sql – The network adapter could not establish the connection – Oracle 11g

I wrote a servlet program and I want it to connect to my Oracle database but its giving me an error. I am using Eclipse Helios, Tomcat 6.0.37, Oracle 11g (, ojdbc6.jar(added in run configuration of the Server project). I am able to connect to the database through the SQL Plus interface and even can … Read more

Blocking Ads Using Raspberry Pi 3, Fedora, Pi-hole

This article proposes how to build a device to block advertisements on the network using Linux and a Pi-hole on Raspberry Pi 3. The equipment needed to build the device, configured software, and use will be described in the next sections. Requirements The following are hardware and software requirements to run the tutorial. Skill Requirements … Read more

Common Types Of Network Security Vulnerabilities

Cyber ​​attacks become more and more sophisticated every year and cause serious financial and reputational damage. The damage affects all means of communication and blocks an organization for an extended period. For example, two of the most significant encryption viruses are Petya and Wanna Cry. They caused millions of losses in different areas of business … Read more

Model Quantization for Edge AI

Deep learning is witnessing a growing history of success. However, the large/heavy models that must be run on a high-performance computing system are far from optimal. Artificial intelligence is already widely used in business applications. The computational demands of AI inference and training are increasing. As a result, a relatively new class of deep learning … Read more

Getting Started Building on the NEAR Network with Infura

Web3 and smart contracts are growing in popularity. In fact, a recent analysis of public code repositories has shown that over 18,000 developers are regularly contributing to open source crypto and Web3 projects on a monthly basis. Some of the keys to this growth are blockchains like NEAR and developer platforms like Infura. This article … Read more

Region Proposal Network (RPN): A Complete Guide

This tutorial includes a detailed step by step guide of how Region Proposal Network (RPN) works. It is mainly used in RCNN family for object detection. Those who are familiar with RCNN, they might already have encountered the term Region Proposal Network. Before we get into details of RPN, let’s understand how object detection works … Read more

Is SASE the Solution for Third-Party Risk?

What Is SASE? Secure access service edge (SASE) is a network security architecture that helps securely connect systems, endpoints, and users to services and applications from any location worldwide. It is a service you can access from the cloud and manage centrally. SASE is a framework, not a specific technology. It works by combining several … Read more

Creating Philosopher Conversations Using a Generative LSTM Network | by Evan Trabitz | May, 2022

by Jack Bodine, Bjorn Ludwig, Grace Aronsohn, and Evan Trabitz There exists a 3000 year old Western intellectual history covering most of the important problems in Western thought and high culture, and it involves a kind of thinking that most people do not spend most of their time doing. It is called philosophy. Comparatively, the … Read more

Mint Your Own NFT Using Solidity and HardHat on Avalanche FUJI Test Network | by Yoorbit | May, 2022

Deployed our smart contracts on Avalanche Fuji Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash In this article, you’ll learn how to create your own NFT (ERC-721 standard), and deploy it on the Avalanche FUJI C-chain testnet. What are NFTs? What is the ERC-721 token? The ERC-721 standard Creating an ERC-721 Token contract Deploying Contract Minting NFT … Read more