PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #539 (Aug. 23, 2022)

#539 – AUGUST 23, 2022 View in Browser » Understanding async Python for the Web “Recently Django 4.1 was released, and the thing most people seem interested in is the expanded async support. The Python web ecosystem has been seeing new frameworks pop up which are fully async, or support going fully async, from the … Read more

Backend-for-Frontend: The Demo – DZone Microservices

In one of my earlier posts, I described the Backend-for-Frontend pattern. In short, it offers a single facade over multiple backend parts. Moreover, it provides each client type, eg desktop, mobile, exactly the data that it needs and not more in the format required by this client type. The Use-case Imagine the following use case. … Read more

PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #538 (Aug. 16, 2022)

#538 – AUGUST 16, 2022 View in Browser » NLP Forward With Transformer Models and Attention What’s the big breakthrough for Natural Language Processing (NLP) that has advanced machine learning into deep learning? What makes these transformer models unique, and what defines “attention?” This week on the show, Jodie Burchell, developer advocate for data science … Read more

Visualizing the Hacker News API with HCL and SQL

In the last episode we looked at a Steampipe dashboard that joins search results across diverse APIs. That metasearch dashboard is defined entirely in code that blends two languages: SQL to query the APIs, and HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language) to flow results into a dashboard table. This dashboards-as-code approach leans into the infrastructure-as-code philosophy. We … Read more

PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #534 (July 19, 2022)

#534 – JULY 19, 2022 View in Browser » Measuring Code Quality, Simplicity, and Maintainability How maintainable is your Python code? Is it possible to hold the code for your functions in your head? When is it appropriate to use measurements in a code review? This week on the show, Reka Horvath and Ben Martineau … Read more

Sentiment Analysis on iOS Using SwiftUI, Natural Language, and Combine: Hacker News Top Stories | by Anupam Chugh

Leveraging Apple’s reactive programming framework for handling asynchronous tasks, while also doing natural language processing in real-time Photo by Good Good Good on Unsplash Powering applications with the ability to understand the natural language of the text always amazes me. Apple made some significant strides with its natural language framework last year (2019). Specifically, the … Read more

PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #533 (July 12, 2022)

#533 – JULY 12, 2022 View in Browser » Python 3.11 Preview: TOML and tomllib Python 3.11 will be released in the fall of 2022. In this tutorial, you’ll install the latest beta release of Python 3.11 in order to preview the new tomllib module that’s added to the standard library. You’ll also explore some … Read more

PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #532 (July 5, 2022)

#532 – JULY 5, 2022 View in Browser » Exploring Functional Programming With Bruce Eckel Would you like to explore the functional programming side of Python? What are the advantages of this approach, and what tools are built into the language? This week on the show, author Bruce Eckel talks about functional programming in Python. … Read more

PyCoder’s Weekly | Issue #531

Build a Tic-Tac-Toe Game With Python and TkinterIn this step-by-step project, you’ll learn how to create a tic-tac-toe game using Python and the Tkinter GUI framework. Tkinter is cross-platform and is available in the Python standard library. Creating a game in Python is a great and fun way to learn something new and exciting!REAL PYTHON … Read more

API Security Weekly: Issue 165

This week, we have news of another high severity vulnerability in a WordPress plugin, this time the popular All in One allowing compromise via the core REST API. We also have views from @apihandyman on why to treat all APIs as public ones, a comprehensive beginner’s guide to API security, and finally an optimism view … Read more