Developing Dynamic NFTs. Ever wanted to create an NFT that… | by Johan De Coster | Jun, 2022

Ever wanted to create an NFT that reacts to real-world events and data? Now you can, with Chain Link Oracles. Let’s check out how this can be done! Photo by Choong Deng Xiang on Unsplash Remark: Unfortunately, Chain Link Oracle is only set up on the Kovan testnet, while the OpenSea testnet is on Rinkeby. … Read more

Build and Interact With NFTs Without Smart Contracts Using Infura’s NFT API | by 0xPaulie | Jul, 2022

Using Infura’s NFT API with Lootbox I’ve only been in Web3 for about a year now, but I can honestly say that NFTs are the most exciting aspect of it for me. I’m not talking about Apes or Punks, however. PFP (profile picture) projects and art, although cool and simple proof of concept for the … Read more

Creator Provenance Within NFTs. Proof-of-existence outside of IPFS… | by Sean Lawless | Jul, 2022

Proof-of-existence outside of IPFS allows flexible and private NFTs without losing ownership provenance. Creator provenance within owner manageable NFTs make everyone happy. Image attributed to jcomp. The ERC721 Metadata JSON Schema for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) was initially designed to bridge Virtual Reality (VR) items to blockchain based exchanges. With VR environments moving toward in-game monetization, … Read more